Gravitation and quadratic forms
Journal article, 2017

The light-cone Hamiltonians describing both pure (N = 0) Yang-Mills and N = 4 super Yang-Mills may be expressed as quadratic forms. Here, we show that this feature extends to theories of gravity. We demonstrate how the Hamiltonians of both pure gravity and N = 8 supergravity, in four dimensions, may be written as quadratic forms. We examine the effect of residual reparametrizations on the Hamiltonian and the resulting quadratic form.

Gauge Symmetry

Classical Theories of Gravity

Supergravity Models



S. Ananth

Indian Institute of Science

Lars Brink

Chalmers, Physics, Theoretical Physics

S. Majumdar

Indian Institute of Science

M. Mali

Indian Institute of Science

N. Shah

Indian Institute of Science

Journal of High Energy Physics

1126-6708 (ISSN) 1029-8479 (eISSN)

Vol. 2017 3 169

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Physical Sciences



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