An off-shell superspace reformulation of D=4, N=4 super-Yang–Mills theory
Preprint, 2017

D = 4, N = 4 super-Yang-Mills theory has an off-shell superspace formulation in terms of pure spinor superfields, which is directly inherited from the D = 10 theory. That superspace, in particular the choice of pure spinor variables, is less suitable for dealing with fields that are inherently 4-dimensional, such as the superfields based on the scalars, which are gauge-covariant, and traces of powers of scalars, which are gauge-invariant. We give a reformulation of D = 4, N = 4 super-Yang-Mills theory in N = 4 superspace, using inherently 4-dimensional pure spinors. All local degrees of freedom reside in a superfield based on the physical scalars. The formalism should be suited for calculations of correlators of traces of scalar superfields.


Martin Cederwall

Chalmers, Physics, Theoretical Physics

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Subatomic Physics

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