Exploring proxemics for human-drone interaction
Paper in proceeding, 2017

We present a human-centered designed social drone aiming to be used in a human crowd environment. Based on design studies and focus groups, we created a prototype of a social drone with a social shape, face and voice for human interaction. We used the prototype for a proxemic study, comparing the required distance from the drone humans could comfortably accept compared with what they would require for a nonsocial drone. The social shaped design with greeting voice added decreased the acceptable distance markedly, as did present or previous pet ownership, and maleness. We also explored the proximity sphere around humans with a social shaped drone based on a validation study with variation of lateral distance and heights. Both lateral distance and the higher height of 1.8 m compared to the lower height of 1.2 m decreased the required comfortable distance as it approached.


Social Drone

Human-Drone Interaction


Alexander Yeh

Chalmers, Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers)

Photchara Ratsamee

Osaka University

Kiyoshi Kiyokawa

Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Yuki Uranishi

Osaka University

Tomohiro Mashita

Osaka University

Haruo Takemura

Osaka University

Morten Fjeld

Chalmers, Applied Information Technology (Chalmers), Interaction design

Mohammad Obaid

Uppsala University

5th International Conference on Human Agent Interaction, HAI 2017; Excellence Center of Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC)Bielefeld; Germany; 17 October 2017 through 20 October 2017

978-145035113-3 (ISBN)

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Computer and Information Science





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