Development of a Software to Identify and Analyse Marine Traffic Situations
Paper in proceedings, 2015

Avoiding collisions is one of the main tasks for a deck officer onboard a vessel. Traffic situations with two or more vessels are very common and has to be handled regularly and according to anti-collision regulation (colreg). By developing a software that use AIS data, identify and analyse traffic situations, we would like to measure marine traffic in specific areas. The purpose is to develop the training and education for new officers and to validate increased safety in areas with new regulations, i.e. new traffic separation schemes and sea traffic management. The software identifies and analyse traffic situations and manoeuvers based on different parameters, i.e. Bearings, distances, speed, course, targets in vicinity and obstructions around the vessel, showing result for individual traffic situations and find statistics for the area selected. The result is validated by use of a navigational simulator and measures of real traffic data from Bornholmsgat. The development of the software is still in progress.

Marine traffic



avoiding manoeuvers


Fredrik Olindersson

Chalmers, Shipping and Marine Technology, Maritime Human Factors

Carl-Erik Janson

Chalmers, Shipping and Marine Technology

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