Reduction of Greenhouse Gases in Integrated Pulp and Paper Mills - Possibilities for CO2 Capture and Storage
Paper in proceedings, 2007

Earlier work has shown that capturing the CO2 from flue gases in the recovery boiler at a market pulp mill can be a cost-effective way of reducing mill CO2 emissions. In this paper it is investigated if the same is valid for an integrated pulp and paper mill. Five configurations are compared, supplying the extra energy needed by a biofuel boiler, an NGCC, a heat pump or by reducing the steam demand at the mill in combination with a biofuel boiler or an NGCC. The configurations with the NGCC have the lowest avoidance costs.

Pulp and paper

Chemical absorption

CO<sub>2</sub> capture


Erik Hektor

Industrial Energy Systems and Technologies

Thore Berntsson

Industrial Energy Systems and Technologies

Chemical Engineering Transactions

Vol. 12 1 145-150

Subject Categories

Mechanical Engineering

Energy Engineering

Chemical Engineering



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