Investigating Poor Insightin Alzheimers Disease. A survey of research approaches
Journal article, 2007

Persons with Alzheimer┬┤s disease (AD) often seem to have a poor insight into the functional deficits brought about by the dementing process. There are many indications that preserved insight into deficits in dementia is of advantage to a person with AD. Various research approaches have been adopted to investigate poor insight related to AD. The purpose of this paper was to present various research approaches for investigating poor insight into deficits in AD. The study is based on a literature survey. The findings show that concept of poor insight has been investigated in detail from different perspectives. Each one of the perspectives found, the neuropsychological, the psychological and the socio-psychological has its merits, but none of them has yet led to study results that make us fully understand what poor insight implies and involves. We need integrated knowledge from the different perspectives and in multidisciplinary research settings we believe that such knowledge could be developed.

coping strategies

Alzheimer´s disease

impaired awareness


poor insight


Barbro Robertsson

University of Gothenburg

Monica Nordström

University of Gothenburg

Helle Wijk

University of Gothenburg


1471-3012 (ISSN)

Vol. 6 1 45-61

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