Novel high-entropy and medium-entropy stainless steels with enhanced mechanical and anti-corrosion properties
Journal article, 2018

Novel high-entropy and medium-entropy stainless steels (MESS), containing a high amount of alloying elements, were designed and prepared by arc melting. These high-entropy and MESS possess a simple phase constitution, mainly solid solution phases, and noticeably exhibit excellent anti-corrosion properties in sulphuric acid. In particular, an austenitic Fe 65 Cr 13 Co 4.75 Mn 4.75 Mo 4.75 Ni 4.75 Cu 3 (at.-%) alloy has a higher hardness of 182 HV and better corrosion resistance than those of the 00Cr19Ni14Mn2 austenitic stainless steel prepared under the same condition; a ferritic precipitation hardening Fe 65 Cr 13 Al 3.167 Co 3.167 Mn 3.167 Mo 3.167 Ni 3.167 Ti 3.167 Cu 3 (at.-%) alloy was also developed, with a higher hardness of 584 HV and even better corrosion resistance.

precipitation hardening

Stainless steels

configuration entropy

corrosion resistance


H. Zhang

Anhui University of Technology

H. Tang

Anhui University of Technology

W. H. Li

Anhui University of Technology

J. L. Wu

Jiangsu University

X. C. Zhong

Anhui University of Technology

G. Chen

Hunan University

Sheng Guo

Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Materials and manufacture

Materials Science and Technology

0267-0836 (ISSN) 17432847 (eISSN)

Vol. 34 5 572-579

Subject Categories

Manufacturing, Surface and Joining Technology

Metallurgy and Metallic Materials

Corrosion Engineering



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