Pre-stressed Geodesic Gridshell
Conference poster, 2018

Timber gridshells can cover large spaces with minimum material. However, with long-term creep deformations, small cross sections and high elasticity, there are potential stability issues. Historically, pre-stressing systems have been shown to prevent instability modes in unstable structures. In this project we investigate the benefits of pre-stressing a geodesic elastic bending-active gridshells serving as a lecture pavilion. Digital analysis and physical tests are interactively combined to study and implement various modelling and analysis techniques, pre-stress configurations and connection details. It is found that an internal pre-stressing system can significantly increase the stability of in terms of eigenfrequencies.


Alexander Sehlström

Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architectural theory and methods

Johanna Isaksson

Student at Chalmers

WSP Sverige

Mattias Skeppstedt

Student at Chalmers

Advances in Architectural Geometry conference 2018
Göteborg, Sweden,

Subject Categories

Architectural Engineering

Applied Mechanics

Infrastructure Engineering


Building Technologies

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