Cost Efficient Partial CO2 Capture at an Integrated Iron and Steel Mill
Paper in proceedings, 2019

Mitigation of anthropogenic CO2 emissions is our time most important challenge. For large emission sources, such as the iron and steel industry, implementation of CO2 capture is often discussed as a mean to achieve low emission targets. However, a major obstacle is the cost associated with large scale capture. This article aims to show how capture cost can be lowered by smart integration of partial CO2 capture powered by excess heat associated into SSAB Europe’s integrated plant in Luleå. Three point sources were investigated; flue gas from hot stoves (HS), blast furnace gas (BFG), and flue gas from CHP plant. Compared to the two end-of-pipe scenarios, capture on BFG will improve the overall energy utilization, leaving room for more available steam to be used for capture which lowers the specific cost of CO2

Partial CO2 capture

Cost estimation

Amine absorption

Excess heat


Iron & steel


Maria Sundqvist

Swerim AB

Max Biermann

Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Energy Technology, Energy Technology 2

Hassan Ali

University of South-Eastern Norway (USN)

Ragnhild Skagestad


Fredrik Normann

Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Energy Technology

Mikael Larsson

Luleå University of Technology

Swerim AB

Leif Nilsson


14thInternational Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, GHGT-14
Melbourne, Australia,

Cutting Cost of CO2 Capture in Process Industry

Swedish Energy Agency, 2015-07-01 -- 2019-08-30.

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