Architecture in Effect Vol #1(2) : Rethinking the Social in Architecture – Making Effects.
Edited book, 2019

Architecture in Effect is a substantial double volume that compiles 50 essays emerging from the architectural research environment of Sweden and drawing on a complex matrix of international collaborations. A central premise of the collected research is to question the relationship between the built environment and societal norms and to interrogate architecture’s role in these co-constitutive processes. The Architecture in Effect project is concerned with how contemporary political and environmental conditions place specific demands on society and on the everyday life of individuals. Architectural researchers have the capacity to both initiate and criticize architectural production and culture amidst existing and emerging societies. Architecture in Effect is published by Actar Barcelona New York (2019).

Rethinking the Social in Architecture: Making Effects

Volume 01 Edited by Sten Gromark, Jennifer Mack, Roemer van Toorn

That architecture serves as the setting for social actions, activities, and content is not a new idea. That the architectural project can precipitate crucial social change, even transgression, is a far more modern and disputed claim. Spatial design in society has recently shifted away from universal solutions toward satisfying specific market orientated interests. The time is now to reclaim architecture’s role in promoting political, economic, ecological, and cultural transformations. The radicality of architecture is renewed in the exploration of novel and unforeseen possibilities: making effects.

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Sten Gromark

Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Design

Jennifer Mack

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Roemer van Toorn

Umeå University

Architecture in Effect: Rethinking the Social in Architecture

Formas, 2011-09-01 -- 2015-06-30.

Integrative Ways of Residing: Health and Quality of Residence Architectural Inventions for Dwelling, Ageing and Healthcaring AIDAH

Formas (244-2013-1835), 2013-11-12 -- 2019-12-31.

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Building Futures (2010-2018)



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