Magnesium alloy-silicon carbide composite fabrication using chips waste
Journal article, 2019

Interest in Mg-based composites has grown with their potential use as engineering materials due to having a high strength-to-weight ratio, wear resistance, and creep behavior. While magnesium chips are typically considered as waste on production shop floors, there can be a promising way to fabricate Mg-based composites with carefully distributed reinforcements. This research is concerned with the reuse of AZ91 magnesium-alloy chips to fabricate Mg-based composites. The fabrication process requires to collect and clean magnesium chips and then mix them with SiC particles as reinforcements. Finally, this composition is melted and stirred by a stir casting method to fabricate the AZ91/SiC composites. The results clearly show that not only magnesium chips waste can be reused in a sustainable way, but also that they improve the reinforcement distribution substantially, leading to enhanced mechanical properties so that the composite yield strength increases by 62.7% when adding 5% SiC particles, volume percentage. Moreover, the composites with 5% reinforcements, demonstrate a hardness increase of about 46%.








A. Asgari

Iran University of Science and Technology

M. Sedighi

Iran University of Science and Technology

Peter Krajnik

Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Materials and manufacture

Journal of Cleaner Production

0959-6526 (ISSN)

Vol. 232 1187-1194

Subject Categories

Polymer Chemistry


Composite Science and Engineering



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