Bluff Body Flow Control Using a Genetic Algorithm Optimization
Other conference contribution, 2019

This first preliminary study highlights few important
• ML techniques applied to flow control show impressive
and sometimes surprising results concerning actuation
• A very weak actuation applied at the front rounded cor-
ner of the body is able to strongly influence the body
and sets the starting point for the following future steps:
• The backtracking of the evolution results finding pat-
terns to explain the flow physics brought by the actuation
• The application of the GA to a 3D geometry
• The application of a linear genetic programming (LGP)
to generate a higher degree of freedom actuation signal


Guglielmo Minelli

Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2), Fluid Dynamics

Tianyun Dong

Central South University

Bernd R. Noack

Sinisa Krajnovic

Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2), Fluid Dynamics

European Drag Reduction and Flow Control Meeting - EDRFCM 2019
Bad Herrenalb, Germany,

Artificial intelligence and flow control: toward the automation of adaptive vehicle aerodynamics

Chalmers, 2018-11-01 -- 2018-12-31.

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Computational Mathematics

Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics

Control Engineering

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