Bow shocks in water fountain jets
Paper in proceedings, 2017

We briefly introduce the VLBI maser astrometric analysis of IRAS 18043-2116 and IRAS 18113-2503, two remarkable and unusual water fountains with spectacular bipolar bow shocks in their high-speed collimated jet-driven outflows. The 22 GHz H2O maser structures and velocities clearly show that the jets are formed in very short-lived, episodic outbursts, which may indicate episodic accretion in an underlying binary system.


techniques: Interferometric


stars: AGB and post-AGB


G. Orosz

Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE)

Kagoshima University

J. F. Gomez

CSIC - Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA)

Daniel Tafoya

Galactic Astrophysics

Chalmers, Earth and Space Sciences, Onsala Space Observatory

H. Imai

Kagoshima University

J. M. Torrelles

Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC)

Ann Njeri Ngendo

University of Nairobi

R. A. Burns

Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE)

Kagoshima University

Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union

1743-9213 (ISSN) 1743-9221 (eISSN)

Vol. 13 S336 351-354

IAU Symposium No.336, 2017
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Subject Categories

Globalization Studies

Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Oceanography, Hydrology, Water Resources


Onsala Space Observatory



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