A trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) perfusion model approach to elucidate the role of blood removal for lipid oxidation and colour changes in ice-stored fish muscle
Journal article, 2020

Whole body saline-perfused rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) was ice-stored for 4 weeks and compared with unwashed/washed minces from unbled and bled trout in terms of rancid odour, peroxide value (PV), thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) and redness loss. Muscle from saline-perfused fish, which had 72% less total haem, was deficient in rancid odour during the whole storage, while bled (54% less haem) and unbled samples developed rancid odour already after ~4 and 2 days; higher intensity without bleeding. PV/TBARS also developed in the order unbled > bled > perfused samples; however, PV/TBARS were not as completely prevented as rancid odour after perfusion. Saline washing (3 × 3 volumes) of unbled mince removed 84% haem and yielded the second most stable sample while saline washing (1 × 1 volumes) destabilised unbled mince, despite 64% haem removal. Concurrent antioxidant removal during washing of minces obviously counteracted the effect of blood removal and washing fish mince with small volumes of solution should be used with great care.







lipid oxidation



Hanna Harrysson

Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering, Food and Nutrition Science

Birgitta Swolin

University of Gothenburg

Michael Axelsson

University of Gothenburg

Ingrid Undeland

Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering, Food and Nutrition Science

International Journal of Food Science and Technology

0950-5423 (ISSN) 1365-2621 (eISSN)

Vol. 55 6 2462-2471

Nya strategier som kan stoppa blodets negativa roll för kvaliteten hos fisk

Formas (2016-01181), 2017-01-01 -- 2020-12-31.

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Biomedical Laboratory Science/Technology

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