Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics - An Assessment of the Tokyo 2015 Workshop
Edited book, 2020

Since 1980, Workshops on CFD in Ship Hydrodynamics have been held regularly. The main purpose of these Workshops is to assess the state-of-the-art in CFD for hydrodynamic applications. Active researchers in the field worldwide are invited to provide computed results for a number of well specified test cases, and the organizers collect and present the results such that comparisons between different methods can be made easily. Detailed information about each method is also reported via a questionnaire provided by the organizers. All results are discussed at a meeting, and a final assessment of the workshop is made by the organizers.

The Tokyo 2015 Workshop attracted 36 groups from all over the world, and different types of computations were carried out for three hulls. It was the largest of the workshops in the series so far. All computed results were compiled in a volume, called Proceedings II, and distributed at the meeting, which was held in Tokyo in December 2015. The volume also includes short papers describing the computational methods and the results in more detail. 

In the present book, in-depth evaluations of all computed results are presented. For some of the test cases additional computations by the organizers are presented on topics of particular interest found at the meeting. All experimental data are reported, as well as a comprehensive set of new data obtained after the workshop. The book has been written by the organizers and their co-workers. Supplementary materials are available for free at The book constitutes the final documentation of the Tokyo 2015 Workshop and gives a state-of-the-art assessment of the CFD capabilities within the area of Ship Hydrodynamics.






ship hydrodynamics


Takanori Hino

Frederick Stern

Lars Larsson

Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Marine Technology

Michel Visonneau

Nobuyuki Hirata

Jin Kim

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