Choosing to Work Part-Time – Combinations of Motives and the Role of Preferences and Constraints
Journal article, 2020

This article aims to contribute to the understanding of motives for part-time work and discuss the role of preferences and constraints by studying combinations of motives for part-time work in a case where the scope for preferences is great. The data was derived from a survey of full-time employees in a Swedish municipality who have opted to work part-time with lower salary. Eight groups of part-time workers with different combinations of motives were identified using cluster analysis. Although formally all of these employees were voluntarily working part-time, to a greater or lesser extent the preference for part-time can be understood as an accommodation to constraints for all of the eight clusters. Even though the motives were complex, for many, part-time work was a strategy to cope with a high workload in relation to their own health and capacity.

motives for part-time work

work time

work-life balance

voluntary part-time


Sofia Björk

Jörgen Larsson

Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Physical Resource Theory

Erik Lundberg

Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

Vol. 5 1 7-

Driving Forces

Sustainable development

Subject Categories

Work Sciences

Other Social Sciences not elsewhere specified

Social Work



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