Scalable production of thick graphene films for next generation thermal management applications
Journal article, 2020

With the increasing demand on integration and better performance of portable electronics devices, the system operation temperatures are expected to continue to increase, leading eventually to degeneration in functional performance and reliability. Therefore, demand for thermal management materials that effectively spread heat and reduce heat density is urgent. The existing solution of pyrolytic graphite film (PGF) is unsatisfactory due to their low heat flux carrying capacity or low thermal conductivity, as well as poor mechanical performance. This work solves the problem by substituting ultra-thick (>75 mm) graphene film (GF) for PGF, offering more than three times higher heat flux carrying capacity. The conjugation of large crystallinity and firm structures endows GFs with excellent thermal conductive performance (up to 1204 +/- 35 W m(-1) K-1), great heat flux carrying capacity, and good foldability (5000 cycles folding). In addition to this, such a GF is produced based on an economically efficient and quasi industrial method incorporating continuous high-pressure homogenization processing (HPH), indicating an enormous potential as a new pathway to thermal management applications.


Shujing Chen

Shanghai University

Qianlong Wang

Shenzhen Shen Rui Graphene Co Ltd

Maomao Zhang

Shanghai University

Ruizhi Huang

Shenzhen Shen Rui Graphene Co Ltd

Youyuan Huang

Shenzhen Shen Rui Graphene Co Ltd

Jie Tang

Shenzhen Shen Rui Graphene Co Ltd

Johan Liu

Chalmers, Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2), Electronics Material and Systems Laboratory


0008-6223 (ISSN)

Vol. 167 270-277

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Energy Engineering

Materials Chemistry

Energy Systems



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