Room-Temperature Lasing from Mie-Resonant Nonplasmonic Nanoparticles
Journal article, 2020

Subwavelength particles supporting Mie resonances underpin a strategy in nanophotonics for efficient control and manipulation of light by employing both an electric and a magnetic optically induced multipolar resonant response. Here, we demonstrate that monolithic dielectric nanoparticles made of CsPbBr3 halide perovskites can exhibit both efficient Mie-resonant lasing and structural coloring in the visible and near-IR frequency ranges. We employ a simple chemical synthesis with nearly epitaxial quality for fabricating subwavelength cubes with high optical gain and demonstrate single-mode lasing governed by the Mie resonances from nanocubes as small as 310 nm by the side length. These active nanoantennas represent the most compact room-temperature nonplasmonic nanolasers demonstrated until now.


Mie resonances


halide perovskites

all-dielectric nanophotonics


Ekaterina Tiguntseva

ITMO University

Kirill Koshelev

ITMO University

Australian National University

Aleksandra Furasova

ITMO University

Pavel Tonkaev

ITMO University

Vladimir Mikhailovskii

Saint Petersburg State University - Spsu

Elena V. Ushakova

ITMO University

City University of Hong Kong

Denis Baranov

Chalmers, Physics, Nano and Biophysics

Timur Shegai

Chalmers, Physics, Nano and Biophysics

Anvar A. Zakhidov

University of Texas at Dallas

ITMO University

Yuri Kivshar

ITMO University

Australian National University

Sergey V. Makarov

ITMO University

ACS Nano

1936-0851 (ISSN) 1936-086X (eISSN)

Vol. 14 7 8149-8156

Subject Categories

Atom and Molecular Physics and Optics

Other Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering

Condensed Matter Physics





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