CDIO Standards 3.0 - Updates to the Core CDIO Standards
Paper in proceedings, 2020

An effort to update the CDIO Standards from version 2.1 to 3.0 was started in 2017 (Malmqvist et al., 2017) and further outlined in 2019 (Malmqvist et at., 2019). The aims were to incorporate external changes to the context of engineering education, to address critique that had been raised against earlier versions of the standards, and to establish an extendable CDIO framework architecture. The work has resulted in that the original twelve CDIO standards, from now on named “core” CDIO standards, will be complemented by “optional” CDIO standards, that codify additional educational best practices that have been developed within the CDIO community in the same format as the original CDIO standards. This paper accounts for the changes made to the core CDIO standards. It includes the full definitions of the CDIO Standards 3.0, including descriptions, rationale and rubrics. The modifications are made to address mainly the following topics: sustainability, digitalization, services and faculty competences.

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Sustainable development

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Johan Malmqvist

Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Product Development

Kristina Edström

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Anders Rosen

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Proceedings of the 16th International CDIO Conference

Vol. 1 60-76

16th International CDIO Conference
Gothenburg, Sweden,

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Public Administration Studies

Software Engineering

Information Systemes, Social aspects

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