AIDAH-Editors’ post scriptum
Book chapter, 2020

The AIDAH research project has been built upon the basic assumption that, confronted with the major challenges that societies face in terms of housing needs, an ageing population and radically changing healthcare conditions, architectural interventions must be inventive, audacious and explorative in their approaches. At the foreground of our work has therefore been the notion of a health promoting architecture. Today’s solutions must incorporate and enable the potential opportunities and the still unknown needs and desires of tomorrow. For one thing, this is reflected in today’s comprehensive requirements for social sustainability; the built environment should last for a long time and serve a vast variety of needs, securing longevity and persistence. AIDAH has worked a lot on the foundation of the evidence-based knowledge that has developed during the last decades, concerning architecture’s potential for health promotion, wellbeing and stress reduction.


Björn Andersson

University of Gothenburg

Sten Gromark

Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Design

Architecture for Residential Care and Ageing Communities: Spaces for Dwelling and Healthcare

9781000202236 (ISBN)

Subject Categories

Architectural Engineering


Public Health, Global Health, Social Medicine and Epidemiology



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