The home as a place for rehabilitation-What is needed?
Book chapter, 2020

This chapter aims to contribute to an understanding of the physical environment as an important part of the rehabilitation process for patients recovering from a stroke who rehabilitate at home. To further develop evidence-based care models for rehabilitation at home and incorporate person-environment dynamics, an understanding of how environmental factors relate to everyday life and recovering at home is crucial, especially for persons with long-term conditions, such as stroke survivors. Along with highlighting the challenges for the stroke survivors when rehabilitated at home, we discuss initiatives and intervention needed. We also present important theories that can be used in research in order to increase the knowledge of the person-environment interaction from a societal perspective vital to increase our knowledge of home and health dynamics in this context.


M. Elf

Dalarna university

Maya Kylén

Dalarna university

Elizabeth Marcheschi

Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Design

Architecture for Residential Care and Ageing Communities: Spaces for Dwelling and Healthcare


Subject Categories

Health Care Service and Management, Health Policy and Services and Health Economy

Occupational Therapy

Gerontology, specialising in Medical and Health Sciences



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