Threshold Computation for Spatially Coupled Turbo-Like Codes on the AWGN Channel
Journal article, 2021

In this paper, we perform a belief propagation (BP) decoding threshold analysis of spatially coupled (SC) turbo-like codes (TCs) (SC-TCs) on the additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel. We review Monte-Carlo density evolution (MC-DE) and efficient prediction methods, which determine the BP thresholds of SC-TCs over the AWGN channel. We demonstrate that instead of performing time-consuming MC-DE computations, the BP threshold of SC-TCs over the AWGN channel can be predicted very efficiently from their binary erasure channel (BEC) thresholds. From threshold results, we conjecture that the similarity of MC-DE and predicted thresholds is related to the threshold saturation capability as well as capacity-approaching maximum a posteriori (MAP) performance of an SC-TC ensemble.

iterative decoding

spatially coupled codes

concatenated convolutional codes

AWGN channel

density evolution

coding thresholds

turbo codes


Muhammad Umar Farooq

Lund University

Alexandre Graell I Amat

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Communication, Antennas and Optical Networks, Communication Systems

Michael Lentmaier

Lund University


1099-4300 (ISSN)

Vol. 23 2 240

Enhancing Iterative Receivers with Spatial Coupling

Swedish Research Council (VR) (2017-04370), 2018-01-01 -- 2021-12-31.

Subject Categories

Computer Engineering


Signal Processing





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