Multibody dynamics and optimization problems of an above-knee prostheses
Other conference contribution, 1996

New prosthetic materials and designs have resulted in many prostheses of lower limbs which are presently available for the amputee to use. As a result, it is becoming more difficult for the prosthetists and the physicians to choose which prosthesis is the best for the individual amputee. Presently, there is limited information about how the prosthesis performs dynamically in achieving optimal symmetrical gait for amputee. To provide insight into the interaction between dynamics and control in biotechnical systems and for optimizing the prosthesis's structure the energy-optimal control problem of the human locomotor system (HLS) wearing an above-knee prosthesis has been considered. The algorithm based on multibody dynamics approach and special conversion of the optimal control problem for nonlinear dynamic system model of the HLS into a standard nonlinear programming problem has been proposed. A number of the energy-optimal control problems of human locomotion with an artificial leg and the optimization problems of the constructive parameters of an above-knee prostheses under different boundary conditions and constraints have been solved.

Optimization of above-knee prosthesis

Energy-optimal control of human motion


Viktor Berbyuk


19th International Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Kyoto, Japan,

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Mechanical Engineering

Computational Mathematics

Medical Equipment Engineering


Control Engineering

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