Microstructural characterisation of a Co-Cr-Mo laser clad applied on railway wheels
Journal article, 2006

A Co - Cr -Mo laser cladding applied on railway wheels is characterised by a combination of EBSD and EDX. A complete pass of the cladding is investigated to achieve a better understanding of the microstructure evolution during laser cladding. A microstructure with columnar grains extending over the whole thickness of the cladding is observed. The grains have a -fibre texture with the fibre axis parallel to the normal of the substrate surface, and a substructure consisting of cells/dendrites. During the cladding process, two different kinds of precipitates form in the cell walls, which can be identified as M6C and a non-equilibrium phase. Furthermore, stacking faults are observed to occur in the cladding grains and are discussed with respect to the laser cladding process.


Laser cladding





Muhammad Farooq

Industrial and Materials Science

Uta Klement

Materials and manufacture

Gert Nolze

Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

International Journal of Materials Research

1862-5282 (ISSN)

Vol. 97 6 838-844

Subject Categories

Materials Chemistry

Other Physics Topics

Other Materials Engineering



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