Descriptive analysis of dietary (poly)phenol intake in the subcohort MAX from DCH-NG: "Diet, Cancer and Health-Next Generations cohort"
Journal article, 2023

Purpose (Poly)phenols are bioactive compounds widely distributed in plant-based foods. Currently, limited data exist on the intake distribution of (poly)phenols across meals. This study aimed to estimate dietary intakes of all individual (poly)phenols and total intake per class and subclass by meal event, and to identify their main food sources in the subcohort MAX from the Diet, Cancer and Health-Next Generations cohort (DCH-NG). Methods Dietary data were collected using three web-based 24-h dietary recalls over 1 year. In total, 676 participants completed at least one recall. The dietary data were linked to Phenol-Explorer database using standardized procedures and an in-house software. We categorized foods/drinks into five options of meal events selected by the participant: 'Breakfast', 'Lunch', 'Evening', 'Snack', and 'Drink'. Results Adjusted total (poly)phenols mean intake by meal was the highest in the drink event (563 mg/day in men and 423 mg/day in women) and the lowest in the evening event (146 mg/day in men and 137 mg/day in women). The main overall (poly)phenol class contributor was phenolic acids (55.7-79.0%), except for evening and snack events where it was flavonoids (45.5-60%). The most consumed (poly)phenol subclasses were hydroxycinnamic acids and proanthocyanidins. Nonalcoholic beverages (coffee accounted for 66.4%), cocoa products, and cereals were the main food sources of total (poly)phenols. Conclusion This study provides data on the variability in the intake of classes and subclasses of (poly)phenols and their main food sources by meal event according to lifestyle data, age, and gender in a Danish population.

Dietary intake

Phenolic compounds

Food sources




Fabian Lanuza

Institute of Health Carlos III

University of Barcelona

Raul Zamora-Ros

University of Barcelona

Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute IDIBELL

Agnetha Linn Rostgaard-Hansen

Danish Cancer Research Society Center

Anne Tjonneland

Danish Cancer Research Society Center

Rikard Landberg

Chalmers, Life Sciences, Food and Nutrition Science

Jytte Halkjaer

Danish Cancer Research Society Center

Cristina Andres-Lacueva

Institute of Health Carlos III

University of Barcelona

European Journal of Nutrition

1436-6207 (ISSN) 1436-6215 (eISSN)

Vol. 62 1 337-350

Subject Categories

Food Science

Environmental Health and Occupational Health

Nutrition and Dietetics





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