Synthesis, structure diversity, and antimicrobial studies of Ag(i) complexes with quinoline-type ligands
Journal article, 2023

Compounds [Ag(5NO2Qu)2]BF4 (1) and [Ag(Qu3CN)(H2O)]BF4 (2) were prepared and studied from a structural perspective and screened for antimicrobial activity. The Ag(i) in the monomeric complex 1 is coordinated to two 5-nitroquinoline (5NO2Qu) ligands via the N-atoms of the quinoline rings with equidistant Ag-N bonds (2.146(2) Å) and a N-Ag-N# bond angle of 171.42(8)°. The 2D coordination polymer 2 contains tetracoordinated Ag(i) with two N-atoms (N1 and N2#1) from two quinoline-3-carbonitrile (Qu3CN) ligands and two O-atoms (O1 and O1#1) from two water molecules. The Qu3CN ligand acts as a connector between the Ag(i) sites along the b-direction via two short Ag1-N1 (2.185(4) Å) and Ag1-N2#1 (2.204(4) Å) bonds. In addition, the Ag(i) is coordinated with two symmetry related water molecules which are also acting as connectors between the Ag(i) sites along the a-direction via two longer Ag1-O1 (2.470(4) Å) and Ag1-O1#2 (2.546(4) Å) bonds. Hirshfeld surface analysis confirmed the significance of the polar F⋯H contacts in the molecular packing of 1 (25.9%) and 2 (39.9%). In addition, the crystal packing of 1 showed a significant amount of polar O⋯H (23.5%) contacts. Also, both complexes displayed π-π stacking interactions. The Ag(i) complexes and the free ligand were assessed for their antimicrobial activities. It was found that 1 (MIC = 7.8 μg mL−1) and 2 (MIC = 31.25 μg mL−1) have higher antifungal potency against C. albicans than their free ligands (MIC = 125 μg mL−1). Interestingly, 1 has better antifungal activity than the standard nystatin (15.6 μg mL−1). Also, both Ag(i) complexes and the free ligands as well have better activity against P. mirabilis than the common antibiotic amoxicillin.


Amal Yousri

Faculty of Science

Matti Haukka

University of Jyväskylä

Morsy A. M. Abu-Youssef

Faculty of Science

Mohammed Salah Ayoup

Faculty of Science

Magda M.F. Ismail

Faculty of Pharmacy

Nagwan G. El Menofy

Faculty of Pharmacy

S.M. Soliman

Faculty of Science

Assem Barakat

King Saud University College of Science

Francoise Mystere Amombo Noa

Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lars Öhrström

Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry


14668033 (eISSN)

Vol. 25 27 3922-3930

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Theoretical Chemistry



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