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Metal-Organic Frameworks with Hexakis(4-carboxyphenyl)benzene: Extensions to Reticular Chemistry and Introducing Foldable Nets

Francoise Mystere Amombo Noa, Erik Svensson Grape, Steffen Brülls et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 142 (20), p. 9471-9481
Journal article

Natural and synthetic metal oxalates-a topology approach

Cyrielle L.F. Dazem, Francoise Mystere Amombo Noa, Justin Nenwa et al
CrystEngComm. Vol. 21 (41), p. 6156-6164
Journal article

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AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and Metal-Organic Framework synthesis, analysis and design. A proof of concept study (MOF-CADS)

Lars Öhrström Chemistry and Biochemistry
Francoise Mystere Amombo Noa Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rongzhen Chen CSE Verksamhetsstöd
Victor Eberstein Data Science Research Engineers

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