Baxter Q-operator for the hyperbolic Calogero-Moser system
Journal article, 2024

We introduce a Q-operator Q z for the hyperbolic Calogero-Moser system as a one-parameter family of explicit integral operators. We establish the standard properties of a Q-operator, i.e. invariance of Hamiltonians, commutativity for different parameter values and that its eigenvalues satisfy an explicitly given first order ordinary difference equation in the parameter z.

Heckman-Opdam hypergeometric functions

Baxter Q-operators

Calogero-Moser systems


Martin Hallnäs

Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences, Analysis and Probability Theory

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical

1751-8113 (ISSN) 1751-8121 (eISSN)

Vol. 57 22 225203

Quasi-invariants of finite Coxeter groups and integrable systems

Swedish Research Council (VR) (2018-04291), 2019-01-01 -- 2022-12-31.

Subject Categories

Subatomic Physics

Computational Mathematics

Mathematical Analysis



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