Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanostructures grown on Si substrates
Journal article, 2006

ZnO nanostructures were grown by thermal evaporation technique on (001) Si substrate and were characterized by photoluminescence measurements, scanning electron microscope and x-ray measurements. The results show that the formation of ZnO nanostructures is strongly influenced by the growth conditions. By optimizing the growth conditions, orientated ZnO nanorods with a diameter of around 300 nm and lengths of 20-35 μm have been achieved, and they show excellent optical properties. The laser action is observed at room temperature by using optical pumping.


Qing Xiang Zhao

University of Gothenburg

Peter Klason

University of Gothenburg

Magnus Willander

University of Gothenburg

P. J. Bergman

W. L. Jiang

J. H. Yang

Physica Scripta

0031-8949 (ISSN)

Vol. T126 131-134

Subject Categories

Physical Sciences

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