Contested Representations: Signification in the Built Environment
Journal article, 2001

Cultural aspects of spatial restructuring as well as discussions of the impact of 'postmodern' urban structures and architecture are given more and more attention in research about local, regional and global transformations, but rarely are the signifying characteristics of spatial objects and formations discussed. In this article, a semiotic approach is developed with regard to the interdependency between spatial sign-vehicles and situated practices within the continuous process of spatial restructuring. In order to comprehend the signifying aspects of this process, the article unfolds through a theoretical explication of polysemy and resemanticization with regard to meanings and values attributed to spatial sign-vehicles.


Michael Landzelius

American Journal of Semiotics

0277-7126 (ISSN) 2153-2990 (eISSN)

Vol. 17 2 139-199

Subject Categories

Cultural Studies

Other Social Sciences not elsewhere specified


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