Continuous and Discontinuous Spectral Elements for 1D Boussinesq-Type Equations
Licentiate thesis, 2003

discontinuous Galerkin method

Nonlinear dispersive water waves

Boussinesq-type equations

spectral element method


Claes Eskilsson

Chalmers, Department of Water Environment Transport, Waves and Hydraulics

An hp/spectral element model for efficient long-time integration of Boussinesq-type equations

Coastal Engineering Journal,; Vol. 45(2003)p. 295-320

Journal article

A discontinuous spectral element model for Boussinesq-type equations

Journal of Scientific Computing,; Vol. 17(2002)p. 143-152

Journal article

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Civil Engineering

Doktorsavhandlingar och licentiatuppsatser på Vatten Miljö Transport: 2002:4

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