Localization of Na+ and K+ in rat cerebellum with imaging TOF-SIMS
Journal article, 2006

High pressure-frozen (HPF), freeze-fractured and freeze-dried rat cerebellum was analyzed with imaging TOF-SIMS equipped with a Bi-cluster ion source. Data were collected separately as spectra of high mass resolution m/Δm > 8000 and images of high lateral resolution <700 nm. Images were made showing the localization of the peaks m/z = 22.99, and m/z = 39.1. Topographical effects were noted due to the freeze fracture method. This effect was compensated by normalizing images of specific secondary ions to the intensity of total secondary ions and by making PCA analysis of the image. The results showed that potassium ions were localized in blood vessels and cortex cells and sodium ions were localized in blood vessels and cerebellar interstitial tissue and in the nuclei of some cells. The sodium ion concentration was found to be higher in blood vessels than in the interstitium.


Katrin Börner

University of Gothenburg

Håkan Nygren

University of Gothenburg

Per Malmberg

University of Gothenburg

Elke Tallarek

Birgit Hagenhoff

Applied Surface Science

Vol. 252 19 6777-6781

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