Plasmonic Properties of Supported Pt and Pd Nanostructures
Journal article, 2006

The plasmonic properties of nanodisk arrays of Pt, Pd, and, for comparison, Ag are studied over a large size and spectral range and analyzed theoretically by an electrostatic model. Pt and Pd nanodisks exhibit broad localized surface plasmons with a higher sensitivity of the plasmon to the disk aspect ratio compared to Ag. Extinction cross-sections are generally about 50% smaller for Pt and Pd. The spectral plasmon positions, line-widths, and extinction cross-sections are well reproduced by the model.


Christoph Langhammer

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Chemical Physics

Zhe Yuan

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Materials and Surface Theory

Igor Zoric

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Chemical Physics

Bengt Herbert Kasemo

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Chemical Physics

Nano Letters

Vol. 6 4 833-838

Subject Categories

Condensed Matter Physics

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