Monopole and dyon spectra in N=2 SYM with higher rank gauge groups
Preprint, 1996

We derive parts of the monopole and dyon spectra for N=2 super-Yang-Mills theories in four dimensions with gauge groups G of rank r>1 and matter multiplets. Special emphasis is put on G=SU(3) and those matter contents that yield perturbatively finite theories. There is no direct interpretation of the soliton spectra in terms of naive selfduality under strong-weak coupling and exchange of electric and magnetic charges. We argue that, in general, the standard procedure of finding the dyon spectrum will not give results that support a conventional selfduality hypothesis - the SU(2) theory with four fundamental hypermultiplets seems to be an exception. Possible interpretations of the results are discussed.


Martin Cederwall

Chalmers, Department of Theoretical Physics and Mechanics, Mathematical Physics

Magnus Holm

Department of Theoretical Physics

Subject Categories

Physical Sciences

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