GigaHertz Symposium 2008
Edited book, 2008

The GigaHertz Symposium is the Nordic meeting place for presenting new findings in GHz technologies: Components, circuits and sub-systems for wireless / wireline communication, and sensing. It is now time for the 9th GigaHertz Symposium. This time, the event is carried out on 5-6 March 2008 at Chalmers campus, Göteborg, Sweden. The arranger is Chalmers University of Technology. At the GHz Symposium 2008, you can find presentations from a vast range of R&D players extending from 1 GHz to 1 THz and beyond. This time, we are also happy to present outstanding invited speakers who will present RF/microwave communication and sensor technologies for applications ranging from intelligent transmitters for wireless communication to cryogenic cooled receivers for radio astronomy. The Program Committee for GHz Symposium 2008 decided at its first meeting to test some new concepts. The Proceedings have been replaced by the Abstract book you now have in your hand. Furthermore, we have omitted the poster session and introduced shorter presentations and parallel workshops. Finally, we involved industry by letting distinguished company representatives lead the workshops with dedicated "hot" GHz themes. Chalmers is proud to announce that this probably is the largest GHz Symposium so far with almost 270 delegates at the time of this writing. Around half of the delegates are from industry representing around 50 companies. Almost 20% of the delegates come from outside Sweden. The aim of the Program Committee to create the GHz mixing zone between academia, research institutes, and companies seems to have been fulfilled at GHz Symposium 2008. I would like to thank in particular the invited speakers, and all contributors, to make this GigaHertz Symposium 2008 happen. Many thanks to the Program Committee, industrial workshop moderators, Chairmen, and Chalmers employees for keeping this conference together.* I am particularly grateful to the GHz Task Force at MC2 for all practical assistance. Finally, I thank our exhibitors for their sponsoring; Take the time to meet them at the exhibition! I hope you enjoy GigaHertz Symposium 2008 in Göteborg! Jan Grahn General Chairman GigaHertz Symposium 2008









Jan Grahn

GigaHertz Centre

Chalmers, Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2)

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Technical report MC2 - Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Chalmers University of Technology: MC2-125

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