Structure and magnetic properties of a trinuclear nickel(II) complex with benzenetricarboxylate bridge
Journal article, 2008

Novel trinuclear Ni(II) complex [Ni3(pmdien)3(btc)(H2O)3](ClO4)3·4H2O, 1 where pmdien = N,N,N′,N′,N″-pentamethyldiethylenetriamine, H3btc = 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylic (trimesic) acid, has been prepared and structurally characterized. Three nickel atoms are bridged by btc trianion and their coordination sphere is completed by three N atoms of pmdien and O atom of the water molecule. The three nickel(II) magnetic centers are equivalent and their coordination spheres are completed to deformed octahedrons. Magnetic susceptibility was measured over the temperature range 1.8–300 K and zJ′ = −0.19 cm−1, D = 3.79 cm−1, g = 2.18 parameters were calculated.

crystal structure

trimesic acid

Nickel complex

trinuclear complexes




Jerzy Mrozinski

University of Wrocław

Alina Bienko

University of Wrocław

Pavel Kopel

AVX Czech Republic

Vratislav Langer

Chalmers, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganica Chimica Acta

0020-1693 (ISSN)

Vol. 361 12-13 3723-3729

Subject Categories

Organic Chemistry

Condensed Matter Physics



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