Performance of a Heavy Duty DME Diesel Engine – an Experimental Study
Paper in proceedings, 2007

Combustion characteristics of dimethyl ether, DME, have been investigated experimentally, in a heavy duty single cylinder engine equipped with an adapted common rail fuel injection system, and the effects of varying injection timing, rail pressure and exhaust gas recirculation on the combustion and emission parameters. The results show that DME combustion does not produce soot and with the use of exhaust gas recirculation NOX emissions can also be reduced to very low levels. However, high injection pressure and/or a DME adopted combustion system is required to improve the mixing process and thus reduce the combustion duration and carbon monoxide emissions.


Dimethyl ether

Alternative fuel



Henrik Salsing

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Combustion

Ingemar Denbratt

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Combustion

SAE 2007 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress and Exhibition, Chicago October 2007

Subject Categories

Energy Engineering

Other Materials Engineering

Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics

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