Exploring the impact of osmoadaptation on glycolysis using time-varying response-coefficients
Paper in proceedings, 2008

We present a model of osmoadaptation in S.cerevisiae based on existing experimental and theoretical work. In order to investigate the impact of osmoadaptation on glycolysis, this model focuses on the interactions between glycolysis and osmoadaptation, namely the production of glycerol and its influence on flux towards pyruvate. Evaluation of this model shows that, depending on initial relations between glycerol and pyruvate production, the increased glycerol production can have a substantial negative effect on the pyruvate production rate. Existing experimental data and a detailed analysis of the model lead to the suggestion of an interaction between activated Hog1 and activators of glycolysis such as Pfk26.



Metabolic Control Analysis




Clemens Kuehn

Elzbieta Petelenz-Kurdziel

University of Gothenburg

Bodil Nordlander

University of Gothenburg

J. Schaber

Stefan Hohmann

University of Gothenburg

Edda Klipp

Genome informatics. International Conference on Genome Informatics

0919-9454 (ISSN)

Vol. 20 77-90

Subject Categories

Cell Biology

Computational Mathematics

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