Mass spectrometry of aldonic and deoxyaldonic acids as trimethylsilyl derivatives
Journal article, 1970

Open-chain trimethylsilyl derivatives of aldonic and deoxyaldonic acids, which can be prepared from salts of the acids, are well suited for structure determination by mass spectrometry. The study is focussed on aldonic and unbranched monodeoxyaldonic acids, but several dideoxyaldonic and branched deoxyaldonic acids are included. Spectra of the derivatives of glycolic, lactic and hydracrylic acids are discussed. The structural isomers exhibit interpretable differences, whereas the spectra of the diastereomers are similar. The molecular weight and the number of OH groups can be deduced from the spectra, as well as the position of the “deoxy group” in unbranched deoxyaldonic acids. The most prominent fragmentations are α-cleavages of the carbon chain, frequently followed by rearrangement loss of trimethylsilanol. A structurally significant McLafferty-type rearrangement of a trimethylsilyl group is described. Several types of ions decompose by expulsion of small molecules such as CO, CH2O and CO2.

saccharinic acids

glyceric acid

hydroxy acids

hexonic acids

pentonic acids


Göran Petersson

Department of Engineering Chemistry


Vol. 26 3413-3428

Subject Categories

Analytical Chemistry



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