Determination of the number and position of methoxyl groups in methylated aldohexoses by mass spectrometry of their trimethylsilyl derivatives.
Journal article, 1968

Trimethylsilylation of methylated aldohexopyranoses and mass spectrometry of the mixed derivatives permits a simple determination of the number and location of the methoxyl groups. Advantage is taken of the close analogy between the fragmentation of the mixed derivatives and of fully methylated species. The fragmentation is discussed on the basis of the spectra of twenty species. Spectra of derivatives of hexofuranoses and ethylated hexopyranoses indicate that the method can be applied to these species as well.

methylation analyses

Me3Si derivatives



Göran Petersson

Department of Engineering Chemistry

Olof Samuelson

Department of Engineering Chemistry

Svensk Papperstidning

Vol. 71 20 731-738

Subject Categories

Analytical Chemistry

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