A residential Heat Pump working with Nonazeotropic Mixture HCFC22-HCFC142b, Experimental Results and Evaluation
Other conference contribution, 1991

Results from measurements of COP and capacity of a one-stage heat pump are presented. As working fluids CFC 12 and two compositions of the HCFC22/HCFC142b have been used. The COPs of the mixtures are the same as those of CFC12. The mixture containing 60 Mole-% HCFC22 gave the same capacity as that of CFC12.

Heat pump measurements


Nonazeotropic mixture


Marine Högberg

Department of Heat and Power Technology

Thore Berntsson

Department of Heat and Power Technology

Föredrag vid XVIIIth International Congress of Refrigeration Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 10-17 August 1991

Paper nr. 492

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Chemical Engineering

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