A study on protecting of the far side occupants based on road traffic accident reconstruction
Paper in proceeding, 2012

A study on injuries of far side passenger in vehicle side impact was carried out by using a real road accident. Firstly, the trace of the accident car was reproduced using PC-Crash code. The impact velocity of the passenger car calculated from PC-Crash was used as the input data for MADYMO modeling of occupant kinematics. Then the dynamic responses of the occupants were analyzed using the calculated injury parameters of the driver. Furthermore, LS-DYNA code was used to simulate the impact between the head of the driver and the left shoulder of the occupant. In the end, a MADYMO model with an airbag between driver and occupant was developed, and the protective efficiency of the airbag was showed by comparing the models with and without airbag.

side impace

far side passenger


accident reconstruction


Q. Guo

Hunan University

Jikuang Yang

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Vehicle Safety

B. Zhang

Beijing Traffic Management Bureau

2012 3rd International Conference on Digital Manufacturing and Automation, ICDMA 2012. Guilin, Guangxi, 31 July - 2 August 2012

978-076954772-5 (ISBN)

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Mechanical Engineering

Computational Mathematics

Vehicle Engineering

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