Shipping contributes to ocean acidification
Journal article, 2013

The potential effect on surface water pH of emissions of SOX and NOX from global ship routes is assessed. The results indicate that regional pH reductions of the same order of magnitude as the CO2-driven acidification can occur in heavily trafficked waters. These findings have important consequences for ocean chemistry, since the sulfuric and nitric acids formed are strong acids in contrast to the weak carbonic acid formed by dissolution of CO2. Our results also provide background for discussion of expanded controls to mitigate acidification due to these shipping emissions.

Ocean acidification

Sulfur oxides

Nitrogen oxides



Ida-Maja Hassellöv

Chalmers, Shipping and Marine Technology, Division of Maritime Operations

David R. Turner

University of Gothenburg

A. Lauer

Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)

University of Hawaii

J.J. Corbett

University of Delaware

Geophysical Research Letters

0094-8276 (ISSN)

Vol. 40 11 2731-2736

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