Sunflower-like Solidification Microstructure in a Near-eutectic High-entropy Alloy
Journal article, 2013

Considering the inherent advantages of eutectic alloys as high-temperature materials, eutectic high-entropy alloys provide a brand new research direction for developing materials to be used in high-temperature environments. Along this line of thinking, the solidification microstructure in a near-eutectic Al2CrCuFeNi2 alloy was studied. A unique sunflower-like eutectic colony structure was observed, where the Ni–Al-rich B2 phase formed as the primary phase with a spherical or ellipsoidal morphology, the Ni–Al-rich B2/Cr-rich A2 eutectics grew on the primary phase in a radial manner, and the primary B2 phase further decomposed into nearly cubic particles dispersed in the matrix at lower temperatures.


Sheng Guo

Chalmers, Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Surface and Microstructure Engineering

C Ng

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

C. T. Liu

City University of Hong Kong

Materials Research Letters

2166-3831 (eISSN)

Vol. 1 4 228-232

Subject Categories

Metallurgy and Metallic Materials

Areas of Advance

Materials Science



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