A Systematic Process for Developing Vehicle Configuration Rules
Preprint, 2014

This paper proposes a systematic development process for vehicle configuration rules. The approach was to first conduct a literature review on product configuration research and knowledge-based systems (KBS). Then, empirical studies from the automotive industry resulted in a process model for the development of vehicle configuration rules. No research study could be found on the elicitation, interpretation and release for vehicle configuration rules. Furthermore, the inspection of vehicle configuration rules is an activity that has not been studied in KBS literature. Then, the development process for vehicle configuration rules was modelled with best-practice findings from the literature review.



knowledge-based systems

configuration rules

configuration systems

product configuration


vehicle configuration


Anna Tidstam

Chalmers, Product and Production Development, Product Development

Johan Malmqvist

Chalmers, Product and Production Development

Subject Categories

Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Advance


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