Feeding and starvation in the native ctenophore Bolinopsis infundibulum and the introduced Mnemiopsis leidyi in the North Sea: implications for ctenophore transport in ships' ballast water
Journal article, 2015

Two lobate ctenophores, Bolinopsis infundibulum and Mnemiopsis leidyi, occur in the North Sea. Stomach contents of field-collected B. infundibulum were recorded and clearance rates for cladocerans and copepods calculated. In starvation experiments, daily body carbon losses of 2.2 and 1.2% and total carbon content losses of 76 and 63% were observed for B. infundibulum (after 68 days) and M. leidyi (after 67 days), respectively.


ballast water

Bolinopsis infundibulum


clearance rate


Lena Granhag

Chalmers, Shipping and Marine Technology, Maritime Environmental Sciences

Aino Hosia


University of Bergen

Journal of Plankton Research

0142-7873 (ISSN) 1464-3774 (eISSN)

Vol. 37 5 1006-1010

Subject Categories

Biological Sciences



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