The opening gambit of a losing game: the UGOT Centre for Public Culture, including Six contentions about transdisciplinary research in the cultural sciences
Paper in proceedings, 2015

The Transvaluation conference calls for “alternative, cooperative environments of knowledge, of creation and invention, of ‘making and thinking’”. This presentation will offer such an initiative (in fact, a failed one) for discussion: the Centre for Public Culture, one of many proposals submitted to the on-going process of establishing new transdisciplinary research centres at the University of Gothenburg. As a complement, I also present a few of the assumptions – my own personal ones – behind the transdisciplinary framework of our application.

cultural sciences

the humanities

public culture



artistic research


Andrej Slavik

Chalmers, Architecture

Transvaluation: Making the World Matter, May 21-22 2015 (Online Proceedings)

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