Babble, exploring how digital technology can enhance children's understanding of multilingualism and its value
Paper in proceedings, 2016

An increasing part of the global population is migrating into diverse locations and generating a wider amount of third culture children that face not only different habits but also the complexity of dealing with multiple languages on a daily basis. The focus of this research is to create a digital application for multilingual children between ages 3 and 7. The concept developed is Babble, a digital game where children collaborate using their different languages. This paper is a document of the development process, including research and evaluation through three workshops, where 8 children participated. The results presented will point at some promise for using digital technology to develop a deepened appreciation of the children’s own language skills.

learning game

Children and technology


Annalisa Casati

Chalmers, Applied Information Technology (Chalmers)

Samuelsson Gamboa Mafalda

Chalmers, Applied Information Technology (Chalmers)

Oscar Nygren

Chalmers, Applied Information Technology (Chalmers)

Sebastian Sylvan

Chalmers, Applied Information Technology (Chalmers)

Proceedings of SIDeR’16 – student interaction design research conference

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Human Computer Interaction

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