Machinability of CuZn21Si3P brass
Journal article, 2016

New brass alloys containing less or even no lead are being developed, decreasing the environmental impact of the material. One example of an alternative brass is CuZn21Si3P, which contains less than 0.09 wt-% Pb. The research presented in this article evaluates the machinability of CuZn21Si3P as compared to more common, lead-containing free-machining brasses. The results show a marked decrease in the machinability of CuZn21Si3P. When longitudinally turning CuZn21Si3P the cutting tool failed after 142 min of machining. This tool wear was to a large extent remedied through the use of a coating on the cutting tool. CuZn21Si3P appears as a viable substitute for lead-containing brasses, thus implying the possibility for improving the sustainability of modern production.


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F. Schultheiss

Lund University

D. Johansson

Lund University

M. Linde

Lund University

Eric Tam

Chalmers, Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Surface and Microstructure Engineering

V. Bushlya

Lund University

J. Zhou

Lund University

Lars Nyborg

Chalmers, Materials and Manufacturing Technology

J. E. Stahl

Lund University

Materials Science and Technology

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