Eric Tam

Senior Research Engineer at Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Materials and manufacture

Eric Tam graduated as a PhD at Materials- and manufacturing in September 2011 and is now a research engineer in the department. His major research areas include PVD coatings technology, materials characterization, and occupational health issue related to manufacturing technology. He is now taking part in several industrial-related projects and closely collaborating with the industrial and academic partners. The goal of these researches is to build-up academic-industrial relations and provides R&D support to the industrial parties from a practical level and to an advanced research level. Eric contributes to the environmental work by managing chemicals and risk assessments at the department.


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Chemical bonding to novel translucent zirconias: A mechanical and molecular investigation

Sebestian Franco-Tabares, Victoria Franke Stenport, Lars Hjalmarsson et al
Journal of Adhesive Dentistry. Vol. 21 (2), p. 107-116
Journal article

Characterization of subsurface deformation of turned brasses: Lead brass (CuZn39Pb3) and lead free brass (CuZn21Si3P)

Vijeth V. Reddy, Eric Tam, Amogh Vedantha Krishna et al
Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 1183 (1)
Paper in proceedings

Study of Barkhausen Emission from the Surface Martensite Layer on Induction-hardened Carbon Steel

Peter Hammersberg, Eric Tam, Gert Persson
12th ECNDT
Paper in proceedings

Role of potassium in the enhancement of the catalytic activity of calcium oxide towads tar reduction

Pavleta Knutsson, Valentina Cantatore, Martin Seemann et al
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. Vol. 229 (5), p. 88-95
Journal article

Preliminary study: Barkhausen noise evaluation on the Hardening Depth of Induction-hardened carbon steel

Eric Tam, Gert Persson, Peter Hammersberg et al
Conference Proceedings in the 12th International Conference on Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing, p. 73-83
Conference contribution

Residual stress analysis of machined lead-free and lead-containing brasses

Eric Tam, F. Schultheiss, J. E. Stahl et al
Materials Science and Technology. Vol. 32 (17), p. 1789-1793
Journal article

Machinability of CuZn21Si3P brass

F. Schultheiss, D. Johansson, M. Linde et al
Materials Science and Technology. Vol. 32 (17), p. 1744-1750
Journal article

Attempt of the Metallic 3D Printing Technology for Millimeter-Wave Antenna Implementations

Bing Zhang, Peter Linner, Camilla Kärnfelt et al
Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, APMC 2015. Vol. 2
Paper in proceedings

A study of the surface integrity after machining by means of non-destructive testing methods

Eric Tam, Seyed Hosseini, Jonas Holmberg et al
Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies. Vol. 2, p. 283-292
Paper in proceedings

Thin film characterisation of chromium disilicide

Eric Tam, Yu Cao, Lars Nyborg
Surface Science. Vol. 609, p. 152-156
Journal article

XRD and XPS Characterisation of Transition Metal Silicide Thin Films

Eric Tam, Yu Cao, Lars Nyborg
Surface Science. Vol. 606 (3-4), p. 329-336
Journal article

Corrosion Properties of Thermally Annealed and Co-sputtered Nickel Silicide Thin Films

Eric Tam, Yu Cao, Urban Paul Einar Jelvestam et al
Surface and Coatings Technology. Vol. 206 (6), p. 1160-1167
Journal article

Corrosion behaviour of amorphous Ni-Si thin films on AISI 304L stainless steel

Eric Tam, Lars Nyborg, Urban Paul Einar Jelvestam
Materials at High Temperatures. Vol. 26 (2), p. 177-186
Journal article

Sputter deposition and XPS analysis of nickel silicide thin films

Eric Tam, Lars Nyborg
Surface and Coatings Technology. Vol. 203 (19), p. 2886-2890
Journal article

Behavior of Ti0.5Al0.5N thin film in nanoscale deformation with different loading rates

Y. Wang, Eric Tam, Y. G. Shen
Thin Solid Films. Vol. 516 (21), p. 7641-7647
Journal article

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